• Add and Subtract Fractions
    Add and Subtract Fractions
    Can Nermal really bake a cake?
  • Factors
    How does learning about factors help Nermal and Ivy sell doughnuts for a fundraiser?
  • Multiplication with Arrays
    When Nermal and Otto make muffins, how do they figure out which pans to use?
  • Patterns
    Will Nermal and friends be able to discover the correct number pattern to open a treasure box?
  • Key Words
    Can Nermal and Otto figure out how much cheese they need for their fundraiser?
  • Polygons
    Will Nermal and Otto figure out the map to their Warriors of Cheese meeting?
  • Fractions
    How can Nermal make sure everyone gets their fair share of the cake?
  • Algebraic Expressions
    Can Professor G and Dr. Nova help Nermal get over his “allergy” to algebra?
  • Order of Operations
    Can Nermal and Otto use the order of operations to solve a “magic” problem?
  • Rounding and Estimating Decimals
    Professor Garfield explores how to round and estimate decimals.
  • Elapsed Time
    Professor Garfield explains how to measure timing.
Mathematics: Add and Subtract Fractions




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