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Infinite Learning Lab Privacy Policy

The Infinite Learning Lab is an educational website offering academic and life skill lessons for students in grades K-8. The Infinite Learning Lab was created by the Virginia Department of Education and the Professor Garfield Foundation. It is hosted and supported by Entropy Multimedia, Inc. All collaborators respect the privacy rights of our participants and recognize the importance of protecting all information that you choose to share with us about you or your child. The purpose of this privacy statement is to explain the types of information collected by the Infinite Learning Lab, how that information is obtained, and how the information is used.

Personal information about you or your child is not required to access some areas of the Infinite Learning Lab website, however if you prefer not to disclose personal information, you or your child will not be able to enjoy many features of our website including access to certain lessons and use of the learning management system. The learning management system creates an individual account for each student participant and assigns the account a unique username and activation code. At the time of creation, each account also includes the name of the participant’s teacher and school and a parent’s email address if available. The request to create an account is initiated by the participant’s school, but parental consent is required to activate each account. Such consent may be provided electronically or in writing. Accounts that are not activated within one month of initiation will be purged.

Once a participant’s account is activated, the only personal information that will be maintained is the Infinite Learning Lab username and password and the teacher/school affiliation. Each participant’s teacher will have access to his/her account in order to assign lessons, track lessons watched, tried and applied, and determine applicable scores. Participants may watch, try and apply lessons in addition to those assigned by their teacher. The standard practice is that a participant’s performance on all lessons will be retained in his/her account until August 1 following the academic year in which the account was created, at which point the participant’s account and all related records will automatically be purged. Exceptions to this standard practice may be made at the request of a participant’s school.

In addition to participant’s teacher, administrators at participant’s school will also have access to his/her individual account data to assess the use and value of the Infinite Learning Lab. Entropy Multimedia, Inc., its employees and affiliates will have access to participant accounts for the sole purpose of providing maintenance, support and repair to the software and other services provided by the Infinite Learning Lab. Data from the Infinite Learning Lab may also be used to generate reports to local, state or national education officials and lawmakers. None of the information provided to or retained in the Infinite Learning Lab will be used for direct marketing or any other commercial purpose or any purpose other than those identified above.

The Infinite Learning Lab automatically collects the following information from all users whether or not they log into a participant account: We use cookies and navigational data like Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to gather Anonymous Data relating to the Site, such as the date and time of the Child's visit, the information for which the Child searched and which he or she viewed, and the sites he or she visited before and after visiting our website. We also use cookies to collect, store and sometimes track Anonymous Data for statistical purposes to improve the Services.  A "cookie" is a small data file that can be placed on your hard drive when you visit certain websites. If the Child choose to disable Cookies, some areas of our Site may not work properly. The Infinite Learning Lab also uses “cookies” to customize the information presented to participants and to aggregate site usage information to help improve participants’ experience. “Cookies” are pieces of information that a website sends to your computer while you are viewing the website. For example, when a participant returns to the Infinite Learning Lab after logging in, cookies enable the Infinite Learning Lab to remember the participant.

The Infinite Learning Lab has implemented technical, administrative and physical security measures to protect participants’ personal information from unauthorized access and improper use. To prevent unauthorized electronic access to personal information, information collected through the Infinite Learning Lab is transmitted over the Internet through an SSL-protected (encrypted) channel. The information collected online is maintained behind a firewall-protected server and access to such information is limited to school officials, employees and contractor affiliates performing legitimate business functions. Some of the information contained in the Infinite Learning Lab may be considered an educational record subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Disclosures of personal information collected through the Infinite Learning Lab, other than the disclosures identified above, shall be made only if required by law, which shall include a court order or subpoena. Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the data maintained by the Infinite Learning Lab may be directed to: Sara Marchio at or (804) 786-0877.