• Cyberbullying
    Who is anonymously posting bad reviews about “Animal Idol” contestant Nermal?
  • Self-Esteem
    What can Nermal do when he feels hurt by Willard’s insults?
  • Self-Control
    What are the best ways Nermal can control his emotions when he’s super excited?
  • Peer Pressure
    How can Nermal resist the temptation to cheat to be “cool?”
  • Listening
    What can Nermal do to be a better listener after he accidentally burns cookies for his party?
  • Online Safety
    Who is the mysterious message-board poster trying to get his paws on Nermal’s special comic book?
  • Fact or Opinion
    How can Nermal make sure he does not use opinions as if they were facts?
  • Giving Back
    Why should Nermal give back to his community and how can he do it?
  • Diversity
    What can Nermal do when he and his friend Otto are rejected by an all dog bowling team?
  • Forms of Media
    Nermal loves The Kool Kat Karl Show but is its media message good or bad?
Life Skills: Cyberbullying




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