• Writing for Different Audiences
    Writing for Different Audiences
    Can Nermal write a great speech?
  • Root Words
    Can Nermal figure out what the flyer says after Willard and Lorenzo play a prank?
  • Summarizing
    Will Otto have to read Nermal’s long email or will Nermal learn to summarize?
  • Main Idea
    Will Nermal be able to write a prize-winning essay by focusing on his main idea?
  • Possessive Pronouns
    Can Nermal learn how to use a possessive pronoun or are his efforts doomed?
  • Run-On Sentences
    Nermal learns how to keep from using run-on sentences.
  • Verb Tenses
    Lorenzo asks Nermal for help with his verb tenses.
  • Figurative Language
    Nermal and Otto are creating posters and need some help.
  • Inferences
    "Ninja Nermal" learns all about inferences when his karate article ends abruptly.
  • Organizing Oral Presentations
    Can Nermal get his message across?
  • Personal Narrative
    How can Nermal tell about his crazy camping trip?
  • Cause and Effect
    Professor Garfield teaches about cause and effect.
English: Writing for Different Audiences




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